Analisis Pemilihan Pemasok dengan Metode Analitycal Hierarchy Process di Proyek Indarung VI PT Semen Padang

Suci Oktri Viarani    (Universitas Andalas - Indonesia)
Hilma Raimona Zadry (Universitas Andalas - Indonesia) Orcid ID Google Scholar or Scopus ID

 ) Corresponding Author
Copyright (c) 2016 Suci Oktri Viarani, Hilma Raimona Zadry
The cement industry is an industry that is desperately needed by the public. Cement always used to make houses, buildings, bridges and other buildings. Heightened demand for cement, making PT Semen Padang, which is one of the largest producers of cement in Indonesia, wants to increase the productivity of cement annually. One way is to set up a new cement plant that is able to meet consumer demand. The establishment of a new plant would require careful planning, especially planning development and planning costs. To set up a new plant, also required the planning of goods and services to be used in its manufacture. Therefore, it is necessary a good supplier that is able to provide the needs according to required specifications. The Indarung Project VI, PT Semen Padang requires the right supplier selection method, so as to provide quality goods and services. The method of procurement of goods and services performed Indarung Project VI, PT Semen Padang today is the commonly used method of procurement. AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) is a systematic method and does not require a long time, and can show priority weights of criteria and selected suppliers. This study using AHP to select suppliers of goods and services in the Indarung Project VI, PT Semen Padang. Based on supplier selection has been made, PT ABB Industrial Way elected as a supplier to supply substations for the Indarung Project VI, PT Semen Padang.  
Analytical Hierarchy Process; bobot prioritas; pemasok
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