Happy New Year!

Dear esteemed authors, if you find that any of your articles are not reflected in the Scopus database under your Scopus Author ID but have been published between 2019-2023 in the Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI), please follow the guidelines and procedures provided in the following link:

Scopus Content Service Support

Confirmation, timelines, and process durations will be communicated to you by the Scopus team.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to continuing our esteemed partnership.

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As we near the end of 2023, it's with great pride and excitement that we highlight the exceptional achievements of Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI). Our esteemed publication, hosted by the distinguished Industrial Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Andalas in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, has established itself as a beacon of scholarly excellence and innovation. As a Scopus-indexed and grade 2 accredited journal, JOSI has substantially contributed to industrial systems optimization. We're thrilled to continue this journey towards advancing research and knowledge in this crucial area.

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In the latest issue of Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri, a diverse array of pioneering research papers has been meticulously curated, showcasing the forefront of industrial system optimization. The issue embarks with an insightful study titled "Physiological Signals as Predictors of Mental Workload: Evaluating Single Classifier and Ensemble Learning Models" by a team from Universitas Qomaruddin, Indonesia, spanning pages 81-98. This is followed by an innovative exploration into "Optimizing Surface Finish and Dimensional Accuracy in 3D Printed Free-Form Objects" by researchers from Universitas Serang Raya, Indonesia, and Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia, covered on pages 99-113. Delving into the realm of problem-solving, "Dynamic Scoring and Costing in the Orienteering Problem: A Model Based on Length of Stay" by scholars from Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia, spans pages 114-125, offering a new perspective on optimization.

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The "Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri" has achieved a landmark milestone with its acceptance into the Scopus index on October 1, 2023. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the journal's unwavering commitment to quality and its significant contribution to the field of industrial system optimization. With this inclusion, the journal's articles are now accessible on Scopus, offering greater visibility and recognition within the academic community.

This indexation heralds a new chapter for the journal, opening up its research to a broader audience and providing scholars worldwide with valuable insights into cutting-edge developments in industrial optimization. The Scopus database, known for its stringent selection criteria, now houses a curated collection of the journal's articles, reflecting a rich tapestry of interdisciplinary research and innovation.

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Greetings to all JOSI (Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri) Authors,

What a fantastic day to share some great news! If you peek into your Scopus ID profile, you should spot some new, exciting entries—your very own JOSI articles are now part of the Scopus universe!

Every article you've published with JOSI since 2019 is now shining brightly on Scopus, ready to be discovered by eager minds around the globe.

But let's not stop there! Continue to send us your finest scientific articles to ensure they land in the spotlight of the scientific community, right where they belong within JOSI's ASJC categories on Scopus.

A heartfelt thank you for your enduring support and collaboration. Together, we're making waves in the world of knowledge!

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Greetings to JOSI readers and contributors!

Following the monumental news of JOSI being accepted as a Scopus-indexed journal on October 1, 2023, we are in the throes of the onboarding process with Scopus. We've reached another significant milestone by completing the signing and submission of permissions for Elsevier to index and extract data from the JOSI website. The anticipation is palpable, and we eagerly await the moment when JOSI will grace the pages of the Scopus database.

Your unwavering support has played a crucial role in our achievements thus far. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you. We remain committed to showcasing excellence, so please continue sharing your top-tier articles with JOSI. Together, we'll ensure our contributions resonate on the global stage.

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Dear Editors, Reviewers, Authors, and Visitors of Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI),

October 1st, 2023, marks a joyous day for JOSI as we received an email from Scopus' CSAB stating that JOSI has been accepted for indexing by Scopus.

We applied to Scopus on August 5th, 2023, and were accepted on October 1st, 2023. It was an incredibly swift process that filled us with overwhelming excitement, and we are sharing that with you. We also extend our gratitude to Scopus' CSAB for their decision.

We, Hilma and Dicky, extend our deepest gratitude for your trust in choosing JOSI as the platform to publish your articles. We commit to continually striving for excellence in the future.

With that said, we continue to invite authors to consider JOSI as their destination for scientific article publication. Please also share this information with your colleagues.

Thank you so much!

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It is our great pleasure to announce the onboard of JOSI new editors.

Dr. Ibrahim Kucukkoc is an Associate Professor in the Industrial Engineering Department, at Balikesir University, Turkey. His research interests lie in the area of modelling and optimisation of modern manufacturing systems, production planning of additive manufacturing and application of modern algorithms on combinatorial optimisation problems. His publications appeared in various esteemed journals including European Journal of Operational Research, Computers & Operations Research, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Computers & Industrial Engineering, and Production Planning & Control.

Bruno de Athayde Prata, Ph.D is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering of Federal University of Ceara, Fortaleza, Brazil. His main research interests are production scheduling, metaheuristics, and transportations systems. He regularly publishes papers in international scientific journals.

Orhan Korhan, Ph.D have been working at Depaerment of Industrial Engineering of the Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus, since 2009, and became a full professor since 2020. He is assigned to scientific committee of several international conferences, and published several books, book chapters and papers. His most recent research focuses on the topics of Industry 4.0 and ergonomics.

Dr. Ali Anjomshoae is a Research Associate at Thammasat Business School, Thailand. He actively works on topics related to humanitarian supply chain management and publishes research in ISI and/or SCOPUS research journals at least once a calendar year.

We are thrilled that our new editors will bring their incredible experience and talent to ensure JOSI continues to thrive!

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Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri is a Plan S compliant journal to authors or research fund grantees from these funders:

- Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
- National Science Centre, Poland
- South African Medical Research Council
- Research Council of Norway
- Luxembourg National Research Fund
- French National Research Agency

For further information regarding Plan S, please visit

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An Orcid ID is a persistent digital identifier that is owned and controlled by researchers, and that distinguishes one researcher from other researchers. With that in mind, we call our users (authors, reviewers, and editors) to update their data in JOSI to the current Orcid ID.

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We are very excited as the year 2022 is starting!

This journal is now using the Open Journal System in its latest version as of today. We want to provide a more comfortable and more up-to-date experience of technology trends for all parties who have helped the existence and progress of this journal.

Today, Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI) is using the new version of OJS with a new look. Hopefully, with this new version, authors, reviewers, and readers can be more comfortable visiting and reading articles on JOSI.

Please keep submitting your best articles to Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI).

Happy new year 2022. Live long and prosper as Mr Spock said.

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Publons is a commercial website that provides a free service for academics to track, verify, and showcase their peer review and editorial contributions for academic journals. It was launched in 2012 and was bought by Clarivate Analytics in 2017 (which also owns Web of Science, EndNote, and ScholarOne). It claims that over 200,000 researchers have joined the site, adding more than one million reviews across 25,000 journals. (Wikipedia)

We are in Publons, and we are showcasing our editors and reviewers upon the completion of their duties. We welcome editors and reviewers to collaborate with Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri.

Please find the journal's record at this address:

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Dear Readers, Authors, and our esteemed Reviewers,

As the year 2020 is closing, we are delighted to share Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri's (JOSI) visitors coverage nationally and internationally. With this map, we set our strategies for years to come that we are going international. You can see that our latest issue's articles are in English already. We are on our way of promoting JOSI to international authors. Your help in this strategy is ultimately important to us, and we cannot thank you enough. Keep sending us your best articles and we grow together!

National visitors

International visitors

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Dear authors, readers, and librarians, our volume 19 issue 2 of 2020 has been published. It is a little bit late due to several circumstances. We made an improvement in this issue. Our articles are mainly in English to accommodate our international authors and readers.

We are sincerely grateful for the work done by our esteemed reviewers and appreciate the authors for their excellent papers submitted to this journal.

Finally, have fun reading this issue. We do hope that it will bring new research perspectives.

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Based on the results of the Scientific Journal Accreditation Period VII of 2019 and the issuance of the Decree of the Director-General of Research Strengthening and Development of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 36/E/KPT/2019, dated December 13, 2019, Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI) is listed as the Grade 2 (Sinta 2) journal.

We are delighted with the result and acknowledge all parties involved in making this possible; the Industrial Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty at Universitas Andalas, the Institution of Engineers Indonesia, Badan Kerjasama Penyelenggara Pendidikan Tinggi Teknik Industri (BKSTI), the authors, the reviewers, the editors, and other parties using our articles, including citing our published articles in their papers, and last but not least the Arjuna's reviewers. We can not thank you enough.

It has been a very pleasant journey this year. We were awarded as a Grade 3 (Sinta 3) journal early this year, and by the end of 2019, we are the Grade 2 (Sinta 2). Such an achievement made possible by our editors, reviewers, authors, and readers. We are incredibly grateful for your confidence in publishing your best papers with us.

Again, thank you!

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