Title: Application of the Total Productive Maintenance to Increase the Overall Value of Equipment Effectiveness on Ventilator Machines

Authors: Hibarkah Kurnia, Andini Putri Riandani, Tri Aprianto

Original Publication: May 2023, Volume 22, Issue 1

Correction Date: 10 July 2024

Correction Details

This notice informs readers of a correction to the authorship of the above-mentioned article. The article was originally published with the following author list:

Hibarkah Kurnia
Andini Putri Riandani
Tri Aprianto

However, it has come to our attention that the correct authorship should be as follows:

First author: Herry Agung Prabowo (herry_agung@mercubuana.ac.id)
Second author: Indra Maulana Fahturizal (indra.jasura@gmail.com)
Third and corresponding author: Hibarkah Kurnia (hibarkah@gmail.com)

Reason for Correction

Upon submission, the article was mistakenly attributed to individuals who were not the original authors. The work is based on the master's thesis of Indra Maulana Fahturizal, supervised by Dr. Herry Agung Prabowo. Due to a miscommunication and unauthorized submission, Hibarkah Kurnia submitted the article under incorrect authorship.

The original authors, Herry Agung Prabowo and Indra Maulana Fahturizal did not consent to this submission and have requested the correction to reflect the true authorship accurately. They have provided written consent for the corrected authorship and agreed to include Hibarkah Kurnia as a co-author due to his involvement in preparing the manuscript for submission and correspondence.

Impact of Correction

The correction does not affect the scientific content or conclusions of the article but ensures proper attribution and recognition of the original authors' work.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate the readers' understanding. The editorial team is committed to upholding the integrity of the scholarly record and ensuring that all publications are accurate and transparent.