We are thrilled to announce the release of Volume 23, Issue 1 of the Jurnal Optimasi Sistem Industri (JOSI) in July 2024. This edition has various exciting articles illuminating industrial engineering and soft systems optimization.

This release delves into exciting new methods for improving performance and evaluation. One of the studies focuses on selecting the best features and assessing the performance of buzzer classification models, which are essential for enhancing accuracy and efficiency in various industrial applications. Another study looks at how to improve the efficiency of contractors working on electrical construction projects, which can help speed up project timelines.

We also explore how lean methodologies work in small and medium-sized businesses in Indonesia and investigate the impact of organizational learning on supply chain flexibility in the fashion industry. Additionally, we take a closer look at how to make warehouse workplaces safer and how to optimize 3D printing to improve material properties.

This issue also contains a review of Kansei Engineering in the design field, which explores the role of emotional factors in product design. Moreover, we examine how businesses in Indonesia can integrate climate change awareness into their strategies for a more sustainable future.

Lastly, we include a correction article that addresses the application of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) to enhance the effectiveness of ventilators. We encourage everyone to explore these articles as they contribute to theoretical advancements and offer practical applications in various fields. Each study underscores JOSI's commitment to interdisciplinary research and support for sustainable development goals.